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We are ecstatic thinking that you are considering using Besh African adventures for your upcoming safari and activities. Allow us to tell you something about ourselves. We are a tour and travel agency located in Narok, Kenya. Through hard work and developing trusted business relationships with dozens of Kenyan hotels and fully delivering nothing but excellent service, punctuality, and satisfied customers.

Our  finest safari tour packages categorized by level guiding, guided tours are private are conducted by an experienced Besh African Adventures guide who is sure to greatly enhance your vacation .With tailor-made safaris, we can customize your safari  to your specifications, to ensure your maximum comfort, relaxation and thrilling adventures .we strive to bring you a unique and memorable experience through our expertise and our commitment to ensuring that each of our clients depart from Kenya with memories of a wonderful adventure in one of the world’s most remarkable areas.

Kenya is indeed, the home of Africa safaris. With very diverse natural and amazing sceneries, wide range of traditions and cultures, white sandy beaches and mountains, Savannah and diverse wildlife, your vacation will no doubt be magical. The legendary Maasai Mara game reserve is one of the most popular destinations in Kenya. Famous for the great wildebeest migration; this is one of the top tourist attractions in the world, offering a very unique African safari experience. Our experienced tour consultants are always ready to assist you in planning your dream holiday.

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